Over the last few months our teams have been working incredibly hard to reduce the impact of the coronavirus in our home.

Relative visits to our homes
We truly appreciate how difficult it has been for residents and families being unable to visit, therefore we are now able to facilitate short visits. It is necessary for people to make an appointment to visit so that we are able to operate safe systems.

To ensure your safety, we have put a number of additional measures in place to ensure visits take place safely. We recognise that many of these will be difficult for families who have not seen their loved one for some time, but we believe they are vital in protecting your loved ones:
• Visits will need to be pre-booked to enable us to manage the safety of residents and their visitors by limiting the volume of people through the home at any one time, as well as support additional cleaning between visits
• Visits will be limited to 15 minutes duration
• Only one family member is allowed per visit and children will not be allowed at this point in time
• You will be asked some health screening questions at the start of your visit, will be asked to wash your hands or use the sanitising gel provided and will have your temperature taken.
• If you are showing any symptoms which could indicate coronavirus, please do not travel to the care home as we will need to refuse entry. As you will be aware, these symptoms include a raised temperature, a new and persistent cough, loss of taste and/ or smell, lethargy and generally feeling unwell.
• Social distancing measures will remain in effect, which means a no touch approach during visits. This extends to hugging, hand-holding or kissing.
• Visitors will not be able to use facilities such as toilets (unless for emergencies)

We are closely monitoring Government guidance on a daily basis and will continue to adhere to any lockdown measures as they apply to local communities or to care homes specifically.

Other visitors to our home
You may be aware, the restrictions to our home have applied not just to relatives and friends, but to all non-essential visitors, such as hairdressers and the weekly trolley service. Whilst we felt this was an important step to take in terms of reducing the risk of infection, we are very aware that these visits are an important part of ensuring the health and safety of residents and monitoring the quality of our care. Please rest assured that when we are in a position to allow non essential visitors, they too will be briefed on the strictest infection control procedures and will be subject to many of the same control measures outlined for friends and family.

New admissions
Our home has been closed to new admissions over the past few months. In order to protect the future sustainability of our business, it is important that we begin to admit people whose care needs can no longer be met at home or in hospital but please rest assured that we will only consider admitting new residents where it is safe to do so and are putting every precaution in place to protect both current and future residents.
We have a number of infection control protocols to ensure we reduce the risk of new infections. These include:
Requiring a COVID-19 clear test as well as a full health history from any new resident .Where tests are not available prior to admission, we will put additional measures in place to reduce possible risks. Residents admitted without a negative Covid test will be offered a test upon arrival and must isolate until a clear result is received or for a period of 14 days. Residents will be cared for by staff using appropriate PPE during the isolation period.

In accordance with Government recommendations, we are in receipt of testing kits and as such are testing staff weekly and residents monthly, this will enable us to identify and isolate any person testing positive therefore reducing the risk of an outbreak.

Thank you
Finally, we would like to say a very public thank you to our colleagues who have worked tirelessly in the last few months to provide exceptional levels of care under challenging circumstances. We are exceptionally grateful for the commitment and dedication of our team.
We would also like to thank the families and friends that have supported our home over the last few months sending gifts and messages of support which have been invaluable in motivating our team to continue working through these challenging times. Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated.

Karen Holroyd
Head of Home